We have always been passionate about working with wood and producing furniture. Drawing on our specialist knowledge of the sector and following our entrepreneurial instincts, our family founded Polaris in the 1960s. We are an industrial organisation, but our bond with artisanal traditions, the way we select our raw materials and our environmentally sustainable approach to business ensure a production system of the highest quality. From the very beginning, we have seen furniture as a unique part of the design of any kitchen, lending versatility but also solidity. Over the years, we have bolstered our artisanal expertise with modern technology in order to offer a professional, cutting-edge service. We place people – their needs, their desires – at the heart of every project we design. We work hard to create practical spaces where innovative, modern design elements make the tiny actions that go into our everyday lives that little bit easier. In this marriage of the latest technology and many years of hands-on experience, we guarantee passion, artisanal expertise, attention to quality and respect for the environment.

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Human-centred design


We use the most innovative technology and newest materials and ensure that we respect the environment during the production process. We work with designers to devise and create new projects.


Our methodology revolves around an uncompromising pursuit of quality. For us, quality is the core philosophy around which we base all of our projects. From the selection of materials to the creation of the finished product, we invest great care into everything we do.


One of our primary concerns is to respect our surroundings and the wider environment and we take concrete actions to protect it. We’ve taken the decision to use recyclable materials and wood from sustainably managed forests rather than indiscriminate deforestation.


We are sensitive to the demands of contemporary living and always put people at the heart of our ideas. We are passionate about every model, variation or collection we design and invest great attention to detail in all of our kitchens. We use products such as wood and biomalta in gloss and matte lacquered or laminate finishes, with a wide range of customisable colours available.


We offer made-to-measure solutions because we embrace diversity and want to meet the needs of everyone who chooses us.


We only use A1 water repellents and E1 shells covered with materials with high density and structural resistance. All of our wood, polyester, laminates, hardware and electrical appliances are subjected to the most stringent tests possible.


The natural materials we use in our collections endow them with the quality and vibrant essence of nature, creating a comfortable environment tailored to the people that use it.


We see the kitchen as a space in which we should feel at ease. That’s why we design our kitchens to promote freedom of movement.


We find new ways to make your kitchen experience practical and comfortable, because we believe that technology should improve our lives. Innovation is only successful when it creates tangible benefits.


For over half a century, we’ve been committed to merging design and practicality in the kitchen. We put our extensive experience at your disposal.


To create is to have the passion and strength to push yourself to turn an idea into reality. We do things well because we do what we love doing.


Ever since the 1960s, we have kept the spirit of craftsmanship alive and kicking in our work. We take the utmost care to produce kitchens of the highest quality, down to the smallest detail.


We believe that building kitchens is about creating a space that fits into people’s lives and becomes the centre of the home during shared moments.


PolarisLife’s biggest strength is its people: a family with shared values and history.

Founded by Giovanni Battista Ravasio and now run by his children Raffaella and Alberto, the company is now seeing the incorporation of a third generation in the shape of Giovanni’s grandchildren: Isabella and Alberto Corrado, the children of Raffaella, and Francesca and Andrea Ravasio, the children of Alberto


We’re always striving for innovation because we know that there is always room for improvement. There are always new ways to better satisfy our clients’ needs and make their lives easier.


We use cutting-edge materials, technology and designs to stay in sync with the times and guarantee the best possible experience for our clients.



Polaris’ first modular kitchen.

top cucina


Esperia: the first model to use innovative materials.



The Pontida factory is expanded.



Olimpia: the first handle-free kitchen.



Passion for design grows, first collaborations with architects.



New production centre built in Bonate.

isola per cucina


Village: the first entirely flexible kitchen.

cucine moderne con isola


Polarislife is created. The Aris Architects studio designs the new collection.



First Polaris Life Store opens in Japan.


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